Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vintage Style Gift Tags

I've just spent the entire evening cutting and pasting to make 50 gift tags - mammoth effort but lots of fun too!
You need some old children's picture books, preferably ones that are torn and tired.
A glue stick, scissors, pen and a rounded object - a cotton reel spool is ideal or a suture material casing is what I used,  a hole punch and some card stock. I cheated and bought pre cut artist trading cards which are slightly bigger than business cards

 some of the 50 card ready made to go

card stock, hole punch and template
Select picture
glue card and place carefully on picture
It handy if you can use a roller to help the picture stick smoothly to your card stock
cut out around card
the make a curved edge at the top of your card and round off the edges at the bottom
punch a hole for the string to pass through
Repeat 50 times!

Mondocherry make vintage style gift tags for sale if you cant be bothered making them, find them here


  1. These tags are so cute. I recognise some of the illustrations from LGBs and Eloise Wilkins.

  2. Wow, you didn't stop at 4, or a dozen, or 25 ... they're really cute!!


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