Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gelati Flowers

The recent photographs of the roses in the garden that my daughter took got me thinking about producing something mystical with flowers to go with the gelati coloured scarves I have already naturally dyed.
Her photographs are soft and fuzzy

I grabbed the first scarf I could lay my hands on - pomegranate dyed to a warm yellow and raided my fabric stash for flower type materials

Cut out large petal shapes, a pearl bed for the center of the flower and yellow cotton for the stamen
gather the leaves individually with a tacking stitch and secure ends off.
the eye of the pearl bead was large enough to allow my yellow thread to pass through a strand about 15cm long. Make a card about 6 cm wide and wrap the remainding yellow cotton around it about 15 times (like you would for a pompom) cut thread both end and secure in the middle with a tight knot with the threads from the pearl bead - this will form the center of you flower. Keep the two longs strands that you used to knot with - they will help anchor the center of the flower. 
Start working the centre of the flower  wrapping the petal around the bead and stamen and working in place with securing stitches as you go. Build up the layer of petals as you go until you are happy with the size.
Run some securing stitches the whole way through the flower and give a couple of tight twists the whole way around the flower to hep prop the flower up.

I attached leaves to see if it would make the back tidier (not really) a snip across the bottom making sure not to cut off any stitching would have been just as good. Sew on a safety pin so the you can wear the flower or sew in place.

 I'm lucky to have such a beautiful model and one whom is willing to try things on for me.

Now to make a few different colours

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