Friday, 9 November 2012

Hello, How Are You? - Christmas Ornament, Santa Mouse

Hello! How are you?
That is what this cute little rascally fella seems to be saying.

 My first Christmas ornament is almost complete, all he needs is a tail and whiskers.
This little guy is completely hand sewn and crafted for a very special person in the Christmas Ornament Swap found here.

Now if anybody has noticed that I've visited their web site just let me inform you that I have visited everybody on Christina's list for the ornament swap and some of the sites even twice. So this guy could be for any one of you. I've started a second mouse but decided to try to make a girl in a sparkly dress, sounds nice but at the moment isn't looking so great. Needs a lot of work.

So you can see I have only utilized one of the ornamental/ souvenir teaspoons so far. I have plenty more to play with.

Santa mouse is a little scruffy looking (almost homeless) but cute none the less and maybe a little Irish!

His limbs are fully mobile so he can be positioned in anyway and is not attached to the spoon other than bending his wired limbs

The original mouse didn't look quite so scruffy and can be found in Better homes and Gardens: Holiday Crafts 2010  by Pamela Gracia. I've always wanted to make him but I did make a few alterations

Can't wait to see what everybody comes up with


  1. Oh, he is gorgeous! I don't think he is scruffy! He looks very lovable. In my house the little hands would love to play with him! Thanks for joining in and making such a lovely piece. :)

  2. simply awesome !!! Love him hed make someone very happy !
    hugs xo

  3. He's gorgeous Monique! What a great decoration, you are a clever thing, think I had better go and get cracking on mine! Someone is going to love him! Have a lovely week, Julie :)

  4. I love how he looks happy and almost dancing away!! Lovely :)


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