Saturday, 15 August 2015

Crochet Bag

Jordy sent me a photo of a bag she wanted crocheted (The original bag/photo is below but I am sorry I dont have the original source) I quite like the original bag and its colourings and thought it was a simple enough design  that I could manage it. Then she told me she wanted it in black. Cringe. I can not think of a worse colour to crochet with! My eyesight is not the greatest and black does not bode well with night time crocheting.  So this bag making event has strictly been limited to day time efforts. I started this the day before we went to Warrnambool so that I would have a project to do in the car . Several weeks later we are done.
The base of the bag is done in half treble, the sides in treble. The strap is double thickness so it doesn't cut into the shoulder when being worn. All in all not a bad effort and most of all Jordy likes it!

Threw a Frankenstein comment in for good measure! Hmmm
(street art - Goodwood road Adelaide - tattoo parlor)

The original bag (*Jordy didn't want the clasp included) and I made mine more of a V shape .


  1. Frankenstein seems to be laughing so he must like the bag.
    I like it too and I think your daughter is very lucky with a mum like you

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. I like your bag way better! It's beautiful :) Street art is so much fun to see and take a photo of. I cannot imagine getting it to scale for all to see!


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