Monday, 31 August 2015

Turnip Bouquet

 Yep! you read that correctly. A turnip bouquet. Vegetables are now the new vogue in the floral arrangement world and leafy cabbages are rearing their heads in a variety of ways, The curly purple varieties of leaf are making outstanding statements along side the delicacy of roses. Deep dark blooms of strong character and defined presence.

Once arranged these ornamental bunches are photographed in subdued lighting and highlighting the beauty of such arrangements.
So inspiration is driven by one of these photographs. Which unfortunately I cannot reproduce as I cannot remember where the original source is from (so I could ask permission)

You will have to content yourselves with my turnip markings and the beginning brush strokes of this odd assortment. I must say I have quite enjoyed finding my rhythm in painting and mixing colour upon colour to make play of light.

So this is what we have so far, painted over an old canvas of a large frangipani flower. It will be waiting until next week sometime before I will be able to paint further. Unfortunately I will be working the nest 8 days out of 9 and do not foresee any free time where I will be fit enough to enjoy the lure of the oils!


  1. One more thing we have in common: I also enjoy very much the lure of oils and yet find no time to indulge in painting.

    I like your vegetables a lot. You are a wonderful painter. (does "paintress" exist?)

    I hope you enjoy your work none the less. Have a nice week.

    Is spring already on its way over there?

  2. So she paints as well and what a painting it is!! Just gorgeous Monique. I hope this painting is going to grace one of your walls. It is stunning!


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