Monday, 10 August 2015


I've been working on a quilt pattern by Kathy Doughty, an Australian designer who always manages to capture my imagination with her earthy tones and beautiful interpretation of patterns. This is still in pieces and some of  the blocks will be shuffled around. It is a little to dull in the bottom right hand corner but I still have several rows to add on before this quilt is big enough.. 
I will be sewing it together in rows of two and  then quilt as you go those rows together to make it a little more manageable on my machine.
I still have a lot of cutting to do, especially in the light coloured blocks but I find it hard to do any extended cutting quilting because I end up with neck and back pain... so slow and steady she goes.

A couple of quick snaps taken of the charity quilts that I helped make with my fellow quilters at Brighton Light craft . One for the boys and one for the girls.Sorry a little blurry.
My apologies for not being around much lately.. a bit lumpy in the tummy and family matters have kept me at bay. Also the computing room is freezing and I cant warrant heating it up just for me . See you soon when I am more inspired..plenty of half projects but nothing completed as usual!
Stay well, stay happy xx Blessings and best wishes to Kim and her husband , you are often in my thoughts.


  1. I absolutely adore the first quilt!!! So so creative!

  2. You are such a wonder. Everything you make is a miracle! I am in absolute awe.

    Wish i were more like you!
    Hope the family problems are done with by now and wishing you a warm computer room so we hear more of you.
    Can't you put one of your gorgeous quilts around you?

  3. I likecthe big rose in the first charity quilt. The pattern is nice to use for a quilt filled with roses.


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