Monday, 24 August 2015

Just a Galah

 I love the perspective and focus that a good lens can give. Whilst craning my neck to see what these two guys were up to,  my camera allows me to zoom in with ease and do a photographic study without diffuculty. I was far enough away from these guys that they felt comfortable with me calling out to them and that they would careen over and perch precariously on their chosen limbs and look at me..who know what they were thinking. Bathed in the evening sunlight they just seemed to busy themselves in consumables...not unlike some adults I know that bathe in the sunlight and concern themselves with pleasurable pursuits.

From the garden to the beach to capture the golden rays as the sun goes down. And once again you can appreciate perspective of the lens as it draws the distant in nearer and a fisherman becomes closer than you think

 The fisherman above and below is one and the same

 Can you see the boat in the distant horizon? It is depicted easily in the above shots and appears deceptively near.


  1. Hi Monique,

    I totally agree with the camera advantages you describe.
    Last year , during our safari in Tanzania, the children and my husband always used their binoculars but I found my camera way more easy to spot the animals.

    What a pretty kind of bird. It looks a bit like a dove, but yet it differs a lot. Once more you make me very very jealous of the wildlife you've got in your neighbourhood. Shall we swap?

    1. Brigitte I remember your fabulous wild life shots,maybe you should revisit them? I think galahs are more of the parrot family. I think no matter where you live there is always some native that is worth seeking out and visiting. Most of the time it is a matter of standing still and observing that allows you to see what you would normally miss when walking past.
      Swapping sounds good , a change of environment is always good for the soul and makes you appreciate home more when you return...well it would if you came to visit my ramshackled abode!


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