Saturday, 22 August 2015

Magnolia - oil painting

Over the last two weeks I have very spent very little time in the crafty arena, Although I would have had buckets of time last week with 5 days off, I was unable to do anything due to a very sore neck.
Following the 5 days off I started working full time..flat out busy at work and then collapse at home!
So today is one of the first days I've done anything for me. A little oil painting in a very pleasant splash of sunshine  ( following the mornings drizzly mist that threatened to cloud the day)
Anywoo this is my progress so far.

That blob of bright green is not actually part of the painting. It is old dry acrylic paint that fell on the painting when I was doing my clean up

Might have to buy another mini canvas for tomorrow!

Size 10x10 cm


  1. I didn't know you painted! beautiful and I hope you have more painting ideas in the near future to share.

  2. I love the painting but not the clean up. I only paint when I know what I want to paint. I'm not good at staring at a blank canvas and just painting.


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