Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Spanse of time

Sometimes people evoke words you do not expect. I went to the shops after the dropping my daughter off at school. A few moments too early for the department stores to be open I decided to bunker down in the coffee shop and spied an elderly couple savouring a morning coffee before shopping. They sat there, contented with each other, not speaking . I was tempted to grab my camera but didn't want to intrude so I started to scribble words that reflected a little of aging as a couple. It is neither happy or sad but reflective of them as a couple and my mood.

What happens when you run
out of things to say? Yet time
has whittled us so much away.
Worn and eroded like the
rocks lapsed by the waves of time
The ebb and flow, transient tide
and blistering sun.
wearing out limbs, perhaps feeble
of mind
And yet you still sit
opposite me
Crouched and bent, curved in the spine
Your gnarled hand buckled
Crooked fingers
Reach across the spanse
Say nothing.
Yet a glance,
a warm look
heart and promise held
within your eyes
We know each other
through the breathe of time


  1. beautiful. I love to people watch and I wonder what they think about and what they do day after day.

  2. Too bad you didn't take their picture. You made me very curious.

    On the other hand, it is also a good thing, since my imagination has been stimulated to picture the couple in my mind.
    Well done!

    Your text feels like a poem by T.S. Elliot. .
    You should go professional. I mean this, you Always overwhelm me with words. Are you the same way in real life, I wonder.


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