Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bobble Cushion - Orange You Glad I Share !

Dilemmas  Dilemmas Dillemmas
That's why the caption "Örange You Glad I Share" It's nothing really. As mentioned earlier i decided orange was a neat alternative to grey especially when you pick up 6 balls in the op shop for a reasonable price.
I have started this bobble cushion three times. First I followed the pattern and decided after a few rows I didnt like the bobble that they had as a pattern (Or I wasn't doing it right)
Then I decided to do a bobble stitch I knew (below). They look a little like buttercups don't you think?
But as you see somewhere my counting was out and my pattern is not symmetrical - one diamond bigger than the othe. I knew my count was out earlier on in the work but decided to continue to see how much it affected the work. Not necessary to state the obvious - urgh - I have pulled it all out

So now we are on to a third attempt. Yeh the counting is correct and everything symmetrical.

So tell me why does my bobble not puff out like the blue cushion bobbles? Do I continue on as is or do I try to redo it again or just forget it altogether!
I think my trebles in the bobble are only half trebles but I cant figure out how to retain the six loops on the needle when forming a complete treble without hooking through the loops

Here is how the pattern reads to make bobble

leaving last loop of each on hook work 6 treble into next stitch, yarn round hook and draw through all 7 loops on hook, push treble together and work 1 chain to secure

Dilemmas dilemmas dilemmas :) Bobble on!

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