Thursday, 30 May 2013

Okay everybody say Yay!
Look it works!
Sigh of relief I don't have to pull it out again, I dont think the wool could stand being wound up into a fraught little tight ball again and having the life squeezed out of it. 
Apparently if you wait long enough the little bobbles will pop out all by themselves without any help from moi. Crazy idiot I am for pulling out all that work to begin with

A little brag time. Here is what my daughter has been up to. She is insistent about making a skirt with sunflowers and because I haven't actually seen any fabrics available recently with sunflowers on it she decided to carve her own lino print and then print her own. She must have been paying attention somewhere along the way because she managed pretty much all by herself. I just had to get the equipment out 

Jordy took the photos of her work and then put a few of herself up - no shame that girl! I told her that I was putting them up for the whole world to see or at least those whom could be bothered dropping by (and thank you for doing so, you keep me motivated)  But she couldn't care less. Love it a girl after my own heart!

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  1. superb fabric, clever girls she is!


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