Thursday, 23 May 2013

I never know whether to show a finished product first and then yabber on about the progression or show progression and work my way to the finish line! What do you do?
Anyway I have  taken a few photos as I have progressed with my crochet hot water bottle cover and have decided to present it as follows
Making the neck of the hot water bottle was done by reducing 2 stitches each end of a row four times and then a row of treble. Followed by four rows of rib stitch (Basically treble formed in the front or back of a stitch) It feels really springy and would make a really warm scarf or a lovely textured pillow....I'm thinking textured pillow , my next adventure after I produce a cabled hat for Jordy

A lovely snowflake motif for the front of the hot water bottle.

I picked up a really great hint from Lucy at Attic24 to shape your crochet - pin it to your ironing board, set your iron at the lowest steam setting and hold the iron above your work for ten seconds with steam. Then allow to cool and voila your work is set
Nifty idea for small pieces!

I still like using a board with nails for square work then I don't have to muck around setting up the iron especially if I have multitude numbers of the same kind of work.

 Testing out placement.

If I was sensible I would have made the motif first and sewn in place on the front of the cover before sewing together - but I'm not overly thoughtful that way

Sewn in place

Antique buttons for the buttonholes
I like the first ones, my son like the second - so I went with the second- seeing as I did ask his opinion!

Super large button jar one of three white jars I have. I should sought through and make a mounted frame with my favourites on it

One more button to sew and I'm done, just have to source the hot water bottle - the one I have is missing the cap, so I found out yesterday!

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