Thursday, 16 May 2013

M.I.A - Missing In Action

Sometimes it is easy to get lost and disappear  Sometimes I just don't have a lot to say and sometimes I just plod along with whatever craft activity takes me and do that rather than blog. Anyway I've been missing in action for a few weeks and just really couldn't be bothered.

Well here we are once again. I've almost finished the poncho for my niece. I'm not really sure I like it but I know it will be really warm to wear and heavy. Just got the scalloped border to complete and then sew in all the ends, and add on a tassel to tie at the neck - 3-4 hours work at least.

The last two weeks have involved a sleepover for Jordy where they constructed a tent in the lounge room to sleep in. 


Ski training for the girls on the weekend, just because they are keen. The season for surf lifesaving has finished but not for these die hards. They dont mind a bit of cold water... brrrr.

Surfing down the coast at Middleton, near Victor Harbour, SA

 Bird watching in the car park before getting a pedicure.

Eating really fattening food.; Jordy made a blueberry and pear pie with almond crust.. full of butter and sugar.

The local rag put the boys on the front page to congratulate them on their medal placing at the Aussie surf lifesaving titles. Its the first time SA has place in the water for their age group U17

Beautiful skies to watch when dropping Ben off down the beach to train...really getting cold in the water though.

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