Monday, 27 May 2013

Waffle Weave Pillow

Over  the weekend I hung out on my bed and spent many hours crocheting. The bulk of this grey pillow was done Friday night and all day Saturday. I had a busy few days galavanting around town and eating lunches and op shopping so I was inclined to do not very much by the time Saturday rocked around.
Once I got into the hooky swing of things I just couldn't stop. My wrists actually still feel a little sore from over exposure to the crochet hook !
This is the rib stitch which I seem to have converted into a waffle weave stitch along the way. When compared to the picture that shows how the stitch should look I can see where I have altered the pattern but decided I liked it this way. So this pillow was intentionally produced as a waffle weave, whereas my hot water bottle was supposed to have a rib stitch across the top.

This waffle weave is  double thickness of  a normal treble stitch and is really heavy. It also guzzles up the wool at a rapid rate! It would make a great mat or a really heavy blanket.

As usual I have taken photographs at night (otherwise it just wouldn't get done!)

The reverse side with four button holes.

I have just started a new pillow but this time have steered away from grey. It gets a little tiring always utilizing grey although i do like using grey to decorate with colour. I still have half a reel of grey to go so I can see many more projects being greyed in.
Colour of choice orange!


  1. Go Monique. The cushions look great.
    I really need to learn how to crochet.

  2. I love the offcenteredness and the strip of buttons, a lovely detail!


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