Friday, 17 May 2013

So Close...

Yesterday I went to Spotlight to obtain some more wool so that I could finish crocheting the poncho for my niece. Without the coloured border trim the poncho was very grey and rather dull. The trim makes it more cohesive and appealing to a 10 year old, lets face it girls generally want pretty. 
I purchased of 3 balls of wool which I thought would be enough for a round of each colour in blue and pink. (I still had two balls of green) I am utilizing double yarn when crocheting and expected to use a fair bit but thought I would make it.... The one ball of blue made the round of double crochet fine ( I used both ends of the wool to double the threads together) but alas the two balls of pink are not going to make the scalloped border the whole way round...  So close yet so far..That means I must make another 20 minute trip to Spotlight so  I can complete the final side. Then all I have to do is sew in all the ends - my favourite job. 
Mum suggested I sew in a zip to close the neckline - it would make the poncho warmer and hold together more securely and then I could trim the inner neck with pink. Anyway I'll keep plodding along and hopefully finish it this weekend. Stay warm!

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  1. You were so so close. When that has happened to me I've been lucky to stash dive and find something in a similar color. and yes that means my stash is quite big!


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