Sunday, 19 May 2013

Crochet on the go

With the colder weather I thought it would be nice to invest in a hot water bottle and make a cover for it. I saw a pattern for a cover in "The Art Of Crochet" publication. Its one of those series of projects that are released on a weekly basis and end up giving you a complete compendium of patterns and stitch directories. The  person whom collected all the articles would have paid a fortune for them, but I picked up the folder for a mere four dollars from the craft trading table last week.

Anyway when this hot water bottle cover is finished it will have a lovely snowflake on it for decoration.
I quite like the base stitch, it has a nice texture and is easy to do - alternating stitches of double crochet with treble and the next row alternating treble with double crochet to give a ribbed effect.

I am still using the reams of grey wool that I purchased, hence all the grey based projects. I thinks I've used about half of the wool

see what I mean about the textured effect.
And below is the finished poncho with neck trim and zipper in situ and scalloped border.  Just have to get to the post office sometime this week - sometimes I just let things lie around for a while before they get sent off to their recipient.

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