Monday, 29 October 2012

Christmas ornament swap and op shopping

I've finally decided on a choice of decoration for the Christmas Ornament Swap and have purchase some souvenir spoons for the project. Of course I bought way more than I need but you never know when you need a nice tea spoon.

Any body know what the flat "spoon"is third from the right in the picture above?

I also found some lovely cross stitch to utilise for bags. I thought they would make a great side panel pockets for bags. I'm undecided whether to go vintage or jazz it up with some lovely brights. I 'm actually teanding towards the brights
i love the fact that someone else has done all the hard work for me and that I can put to good use all their handy work, I'll just have to find a few spare hours in between  the full time work.

also found a bag of pearls for $2, more hanging decorations on the way I feel. well better finnish cooking dinner for the hungry hoards and then on to the decorations for the swap. 
I can't really tell you what I'm making otherwise it wont be a surprise for the recipient, and generally there are few too surprises I feel in my life at least. 

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  1. Souvenir spoons- cant wait to see what you craft with them.
    The cross stitches are lovely. I like the one with the blue birds.


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