Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Life goes on.. and so the garden is blooming with natures bounty. The good soaking rains have ensured a lush green garden and a fiesta of poppies springing up throughout the garden. It reminds me to find joy in the day and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Take the time to drink in the wonder.

I'm still feel the raw grief of my brother in laws death and mourn for his family their loss. I will look at the poppies each year and remember him and pray that he is at rest and peace.
God bless and thanks for all the help and best wishes from family and friends

Each day we pray to find the strength to be blessed in life
May we not be burdened by grief or loss
and find courage to continue along lifes path no matter how hard
Let us be supported by those we love and find comfort  in their arms.

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