Saturday, 27 October 2012

Christmas Star Hanging Ornament

I've finally found a spare moment to sit and thread the stars that I made weeks ago. half are now threaded and the rest will hopefully be done sometime this weekend. I  find my time for crafting is very scarce at the moment with full time work and the usual run around for the family and the funeral arrangements added into the mix.
It is really  nice to sit and play with crafty type things and take time out.

The clay flower has also been threaded on a hanger. I think I'll make some more flowers and bells as well.

 Follow the link to make your own decoration and for more inspiration here

Also between jobs and resting up I've commenced making some crochet cushions for the back room in reds, greys and white (and maybe orange). I'll decide as I go. This is the start of my first cushion

I'm also currently trying to do some natural dyeing utilizing eucalyptus leaves infused with iron. I've discovered that you  don't add the iron and leaves into the dye bath all together as everything turns grey. Its not a bad colour but I was hoping to retain the mushroom  pink colour of my material and have a leaf pattern impregnated into it (maybe next time) I'll show my results when I unroll it.


  1. Your stars look great!!...I just found your blog through Zara. Sorry to read of your recent loss, those pics of your garden are really beautiful.
    Allison x

  2. The stars look lovely with the pearls.


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