Monday, 15 October 2012

Ha Ha

Before working a late shift yesterday I rolled out some air dry clay to make some star pendants for Christmas. Click on the link below to see how to make air dry clay decorations.

 I'm waiting for these to dry before I string them together. I have some lovely pearl beads to thread between them.
On the note of Ha Ha....

The other day when I received the cupboard from my friend Richmal and had just installed it in its new home my husband suggested ( sarcastically) that all I needed was a TV on top of the cupboard and there would be no reason for me to move from my bed.
Well last night I arrived home from work and Mr Guilty is sitting there saying I have some news and that I might not be very happy with him. I just said well it sounds like its already done so you might just as well tell me.
Mr Guilty had been out spending money for a new air conditioner for the back room (which does get very hot on 40 degree days in summer) and our split system up the front of the house just doesn't cope with cooling the whole house. So I really didn't have any problem with him spending the money on that.
The guilt comes form the fact that he wanted to take advantage of 48 months interest free period and  and was short $450 from the amount required to get the interest free terms -so he bought a TV! I Dont understand why he didn't negotiate a different interest free term or just walk out and let them chase him out the door.
It is a guilty pleasure to watch a big screen in bed whilst crocheting (But I would have been just as happy with my little portable DVD player). Now I have to find new homes for the things that were on top of the cupboard
 I think it is hilarious that he pokes fun of me one day and encourages this type of slothful activity the next!

Op shop finds on the way home from work tonight include a quilt frame  for $5 ( I paid $40 for my last one exactly the same) and a roll of strippy material for $10 I haven't checked how much material there is but I thought it would make a great lining for bags or a quilt backing.

 The book Food Safari I bought through the book marketing club at work-some healthy and interesting recipes from varying nations. Can't wait to have a read

Crocheted this to make a pot holder something like this

Thats all for now. See you soon..

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