Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More Pages

 Once I get into the swing of something I can become a little consumed by it. Alternatively I can just as quickly be persuaded to pursue other directions at the drop of a hat. So as the gods would have it I still playing with colour and decorating pages of my scrap book. I must admit I do enjoy the play with colour and continued to utilize photos that I have taken to cut and paste on pages

This first page utilizes a painting that I made for above my bed, seen  here in  Roses For My Bed
Jordana had given me some vouchers for mothers day and they were stashed in my photo album, so I have decide to immortalize them ( I still have plenty that I can cash in for  a free massage or breakfast )

The dragon fly and poppies is photo of a lino print that I have done some time ago It was nice just adding a splash of yellow. Yellow is such a vibrant and uplifting colour, always invokes a feeling of summer and warmth.

In the back of my scrap book I have been writing down naturally occurring items that can be used for dyeing and at some stage I started rhyming word and was scribing Figs Fennel and Fetta - hence the page.  I have used for dyeing Fig leaves and  Fennel, but am pretty certain that nothing would come from fetta (other than a desirable plate of food) This is another of my lino prints, I think that I will try printing this in repeat.

The blazing Sun is  photo of an abstract that I love. I no longer know who the artist is and only wish that the work was mine

And this is a birthday card my son was designing last night for one of his mates. I'm so pleased that my grown children are still  creative (18) and obviously they have a sense of humour

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