Saturday, 6 October 2012

Port Elliott

A few days away camping in Port Elliott is enough to regenerate the spirit and  invigorate  the senses. I love this part of the South Australian coast, not only is it picturesque but offers much in simplistic beauty and a feast to stimulate the senses as well.

 Coastal views and lovely meandering walks

 Red rocks contrast against the blue sky
 Nature simplistic patterns in green

Stunning orange of the rocks covered with lichen growth

 The underside of a crab blends in amongst the fractured remains of shells and sand
 Shells tossed up in to the brachen growth clinging to the shore line, natures own Christmas trees.

Sea urchin washed ashore
And the dried remains show natures perfect patterning 
 Collections from the shore
 Victor Harbor seaside tourist destination renowned for its whale visitors

 The Cockle train

Influenced by nature?

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