Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mushroom Bags

I decided I needed a little Craft Me Time (despite having indulged in alot of "me" activities this week- facial , lunch out and the movies) I have decided to utilized my mushroom stamp to make mushroom bags. I had previously made up a berry dye bath and had recently purchased some calico cheaply at an op shop, so I had the makings of some lovely mushroom pink coloured material. A quick boil up and some lovely sunny weather and I was ready to roll out the fabric ink and stamp away.
Heres waht we got..

Little butterfly bag (not quite complete)

Thought that I might use these to gift the hand dyed scarfs

And now for a real visual treat that I know will make you all feel great and not the least bit inadequate..its a shot of all the rubbish (actually no its probably half of the rubbish, cause I'd already cleared away some) that had been accumulating on my bedroom floor.

My craft junk was gradually exceeding my limited storage space and began taking up a lot of my floor space in my bedroom. Mmmm. To the rescue my good friend Richmal whom gifted me a wonderful cupboard that fits perfectly in the only spare space in the corner of my room

I'm in the process of filling her up. I considered paint it with milk paint but I love the patterning of the wood and a bit of TLC in my holidays will bring it up to scratch.
Teddy needs a bit of TLC on his feet!!
Keep well and rest those wearys every now and again. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love your mushroom bags... What a great idea with the stamping! I didn't get to see all the photos as my internet is quite slow here (country Vic). Enjoyed visiting with you


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