Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hand Printed Fabric Swap - Lotus Flower

Ive been working on my hand printed fabric swap today . I decided that I wanted a cleaner line for the seed head inside the flower and carved it directly in the flower stamp. This will eliminate the possibility of utilizing another colour when printing but makes for much cleaner lines.

This is the original flower , below,with the separate centre cut out and stamped in afterwards and above with the flower with the seed head already in the flower. 

I have also carved a seed head and  a vine of leaves (not related to the lotus flower but more aesthetically pleasing to me) I can use this leaf in a running pattern

Carving the leaf stamp block

 and seed head

Random placement just to get a feel for the stamps.
On a side thought, I went today to TYPO and picked up rolls of second paper for 20 cents a roll, bargain
I think I need to pick a new stamp pad though because the ink on my pad is getting really hard to get even coverage with - but you get the idea of the print don't you?

Really like a rose background and black ink stamping.
Would look good in bright blue stamp on hemp / taupe coloured

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