Friday, 22 February 2013

Lead Astray

Don't you just love it when on a quest for something crafty that you get  lead astray and find something completely different to get involved in ??

Yesterday when I in search of ezy carve rubber stamp blocks at the local craft store and not being able to find it , I decided to ask the assistance for help. Unfortunately they dont stock the rubber blocks and had only just got in store Lino for carving. Whilst standing in front of the lino and silk screening block printing inks etc. I complained about my failure in exposing my silk screen. The assistant informed  me a group of like minded people were forming a group to meet and hear lectures about silk screening and provide an area where people could swap and exchange ideas. I almost kissed the girl I was that excited. I've given her a quick email last night and wait in anticipation of joining this group.
I know I could go to TAFE and learn techniques there but really the only thing I have problem with is my exposure of the screen because I haven't source the correct light bulb and TAFE costs a lot of money. Us cash strapped mothers have to be careful where we place our money bags and what we dedicate our expenditure too. Me I would much rather buy equipment and books, longevity being the key and read voraciously on the internet about what other people are doing

This most helpful assistant,Debbie, also informed if you join up for their store card and spent $30 you get $10 off your purchase. I already had almost that amount and went off and bought a few more items at no extra, win. Only failure about my trip is that I didn't get what I set out to get and will venture out today for a stamp block.

My latest thrifty find a silver plated English candle stick - really heavy and reasonably priced for silver at $20. And No I do not polish my silver but you are welcome around if you feel like it. I'll provide a nice cup of tea ...

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