Saturday, 9 February 2013

Quilt As You Go - The Big Reveal!

Its pieced, sashed, bound and bordered - thank goodness.
I've rectified mistakes and tidied the many, many threads hanging off both front and back.
I managed to find a reasonable match for the sashing as I had only enough colour to go one way.  Although I didn't plan the border to be the same colour as the sashing I had just enough for that as well. (My original thought was to do the outside border in the black and white print, so I still have 3 meters of that material left over)
There are multitude of mistakes in this quilt, generally due to the fact that I am a slack sewer. Perfection is not my forte, generally I just want to get the job done. Even so the overall composition is  quite pleasing to the eye and the quilt is masculine enough for a young man.

I actually like the back more than I do the front. Big pops of colour are pleasing to the eye and give a generous audition for the materials to shine in their own right. (Now I sound all arty farty..hee hee)

 Did you know that there is a whole clothes line full of clothes behind that quilt. The quilt does a good job of hiding it.

Just a test run of tossing it on the couch

A a preview of '" in my dreams " you'll ever find a quilt laid this neatly on a young man's bed. If my nephew is anything like my eldest he wont make his bed for three months unless forced to do so. ( I know this because I tested the theory and cringed every time I walked past his room. Eventually I couldn't  stand it any longer and had to attack his bedroom ) Yuck!

Addit : Tutorial Part 1 and part 2 can be found by clicking the link


  1. It is beautiful!! You are quite talented and I love the colors and I agree the back is just as pretty!!!

  2. I just found your tutorial, I like part one very much...after reading it and studying the pictures I thought aha!!! .....That is how to make the grid. Thank you for sharing. It is a beautiful, colourful quilt. Did he like it? I bet he did!

    1. Hi Annemieke
      The quilt was given late (much after his 21st birthday) but fortunately just in time for winter, so he was quite grateful for the additional warmth. I think he was pretty happy.


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