Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hand Printed Fabric Swap

I'v e joined a lovely fabric swap with the very talented Maze and Vale. Its still open for participants and has some really inspirational work and tutorials to get you motivated.

Handprinted: a fabric swap III
To join click on the button in the side bar and it will a take you to Leslie Keatings site

On that note I've started drawing up possible patterns and am taken with the lotus flower and will carve a stamp block for printing in the next few days, accompanied by seed pod

I think the flower would look great in full block colour, even if it wasn't true colour for the lotus flower. Seed pods always wear well on mass and make interesting printing don't you think.
I think the flower would also make a lovely stitchery
Have to go but a block to carve so I can start mucking around with patterning.


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