Saturday, 16 February 2013


Happy Birthday my darling love Jordana
Wonderstruck !
As you can see my girl is a big Taylor Swift Fan
 My modest attempt at recreating a perfume bottle cake. I really do not like playing with icing but hopefully she will be pleased.

 I've just had a quick visit to Sydney whilst David was on a conference, just  a few days of indulgence with Jodana. This is what we did valentines day.. ate cup cakes...delish....

Felt a bit like these whales....
Aren't they spectacular..Glass whales on Darling Harbour, Sydney. This is the second time I have visited them and they still hold a lot of charm to me.

 I love these broglas dancing as well in the fountain - Darling Harbour

Did the wander through the Strand (mall) and the Queen Victoria Building

Roof of the Queen Victoria Building

The Strand decked out for Valentines day
And the Queen Victoria Buildinng decorated for Chinese New Year

Visited Manly Beach

 And Bondi Beach

Home of Bondi Surf Rescue Team . Jordy had to get a photo

Out and about on the Harbour, lot of cruising around on the ferries and David picking out his next toy to play with

Some of the photos were taken on my daughters ipod and are a bit grainy, sorry.

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  1. Oh, I love visiting Sydney, always so many fabulous things to see and do. Lived there many moons ago and loved walking through the Queen Victoria Building. Your daughter's cake is fabulous! My girl's a teenager in May : -)


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