Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wood Works

About a month ago our council was chopping off branches to clear the trees from the power lines. A lot of the branches were way to big for me to pick up but I did stop and manage to scrounge a few smaller pieces to play with later.

I thought I would come back and collect a few more bits on my return from  visiting my parents but unusually for the council they had already cleaned up the cuttings. Probably to valuable to leave lying around.

Dad has kindly sliced my branches into disks as requested. These are from a golden ash tree. Lovely white wood. He managed to dry the wood in the microwave of all places!
I now have a whole bucket of disks to play with and grabbed five yesterday when visiting.

Armed with my trusty and very old drill I had a little play with the wood and my collectable jar of odds and sods. I really do collect a lot of  crap! One man's garbage another's treasure.
I've recessed a button in the wood  and a little more waxing will bring up the wood a treat.

 This huge periwinkle was found near West Dutton Bay in South Australia, its the only time I have ever come across these in such a large size. I have jars of little ones but just a handful of these little beauties. I'm yet to polish the wood

Recycling woven cloth buttons, kind of reminds me of a mini city if you look at it the way it would be hanging. I seem to have photographed it side on.

Undecided about this one yet. Collected glass from the beach. Flower???

 Leather strapping to make a necklace, yet to fit some clasps.

Another photgraph just for fun.
Off to work, enjoy your weekend whilst I'm slaving away.

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