Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wood Work To Necklace

The Golden Ash trees that the council trimmed off recently are gradually being utilized into necklaces. I have recycled beads that I picked up in the op shops and leather strapping bought from Spotlight and linked with clasps that I had from beading. An eclectic mix of natural and recycled goods

The idea of this necklace is to have it hanging off center. It is surprising how light it is. I like the exposure of the leather strapping.

I thought these seed pods beads that have been pyrographed, really captured the colouring of the clothe woven button embedded in the wood disc. The button and the natural colouring of the wood look a little like a flower to me. This one has thin leather stapping and can be tied in a bow to any length

This is an antique buckle and stud, the sewer in me really likes this.

And lastly the large periwinkle disc. I thought that it's size and strong lines didn't require any embellishment, so just some simple leather strapping

I've polished the wood with wax to give a lovely soft feel.

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