Monday, 14 April 2014

Charity Quilt - Just the Binding to go

 A mad dash at sewing today trying to piece the charity quilts together and at least get one almost finished. Just the binding to go for Charity quilt number 1 - probably more orientated to the male gender but I am sure any child would be happy with this very vibrant quilt. Even my husband commented - most unusual.

Number 2 is underway. This is for a young lady. After laying out the blocks I've already collected I decided to remove the brown muted blocks - they were a little too dull for this quilt/
I decided that a white material would be good to bring these assortment of blocks together. Some of the blocks were not the right size so the piecing together is off. You ask for 10 inch blocks and you get everything either side of it. I can cut down the larger blocks but it is hard to rectify the smaller blocks.
Doesn't matter it will be fine when it is all sewn together

The back and my dog who always wants to sit on anything you lay on the floor.


  1. I think the white sashing adds a lot to the quilt, very nice!

  2. Very nice quilts. Best of luck. :)

  3. thanks for visiting and commenting on my charity quilt. Yours is looking great.

  4. I love these quilts. Cute dog!!

  5. Looks awesome well done x


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