Sunday, 20 April 2014

Southport. South Australia

A perfect Easter Sunday morning spent down South Port Beach SA and the Onkaparinga River. Sunny morning, gentle breeze and only a few keen walkers and surfers on the beach - although there really wasn't any surf to speak of just a occasional wave for the body boarder.
Jordy, my daughter, wanted to try to get in a surf and I was up for a walk on the beach.

To get to the beach you have to cross the Onkaparinga River and traverse across the walkway through the dunes. In this day and age they have built lovely wooden planked paths across the dunes and it is an easy few minutes walk to the beach..I tell my children we used to hike it across the hot dunes to do the same thing and only the really kean would be bothered with the walk. Those in the know ... would always make the effort.. South Port is a beautiful gem for years hidden from the invading hoards and perhaps protected from destruction because of this.

Today an out going tide and a very shallow river, which if you dont mind getting wet would be very easy to cross. The river looks almost green but is really just a sandy bed with mineral salts.
The water was so clear that looking down from the jetty I was able to watch the crabs siddle across the sandy floor and watch the small fish idle in the pools.

The grey pigeons are nestled in the cliff face, basking in the morning sun. There are quite a few of them up in the red rock if you look into the rocky cracks

Some of the local wildlife foraging in the shallows


  1. Sounds like an idyllic way to spend a gloriously, sunny Easter Sunday!! Love the azure blue of that sky of yours!! Lovely photos, Monique. The last photo of the feather.....I can see in my mind's eye a wonderful print that only you could do!!

  2. Such a stunning spot. I love the photo underneath the jetty. x

  3. Just beautiful loving the jetty photos also !! I need to come get some photo tips from you lol. Hugs x


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