Sunday, 13 April 2014


I went to visit mum today and took with me my bird tapestry. Obviously I triggered a creative urge in her as she started to tell me that she hadn't as yet used the embroidery hoop I had purchased for her from an op shop. She then proceeded to bring out her linens she had started in her twenties. They actually don't need a lot of work doing to them and unbelievably she still has the threads to complete them. I say unbelievably because I'm surprised I didn't raid them when  I was younger.
The pansy cloth is her own design. the bunches are beautiful but it is a little spartan in between. Mum was talking about adding extra bunches if I can find extra DMC threads to match.

Just thought I'd throw these two cheeky fellas in for a visit amongst the flowers

An another cloth of cross stitched roses (i've dibbied this one when its finished - if mum is so inclined to give it away) Variegated threads in greens and pinks.

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  1. I'm surprised you haven't 'borrowed' those lovely linens, Monique!! My, your tapestry is looking spiffy...loving the bright colours. How cute are those cheeky rabbits; they look very much at home.


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