Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dark Heart

 The Dark Heart Exhibition is part of the South Australian Art Gallery Biennial exhibition of Australian Art. It is a showcase of contemporary Australian art, 28 artists in total, displaying differing mediums of textile, photography painting and sculpture.  Here is just a taste of the collection available to view, free, at the gallery.

Julia deVille exhibition space in the Dark Heart exhibition shows her skill as a taxidermist with artistic flair for costume . Her focus was a representation of a Victorian childs room full of whimsy and fantasy with a bent to the macabre.

 Taxidermy piglet with detail of beading on skin and lace to nose and rabbits dressed for the show

Victorian cat mummy

 Check out the sleeping baby in the spoon..such attention to detail!

Ah Xien

Bronze busts, eight in total, by Ah Xien :
This one Evolutionaura2:Xi in gold and bronze

Sculptural rope forms in macrame . Sorry I didn't take note of who made these

Caroline Rothwell

Cast metal sculptures and PVC paintings are representative of man's influence on the earth's climate and touches on the issues of global warming
"Rothwell explores this colonisation of the climate by making a series of sculptures that appear to perform certain effects on the environment" - (SA Art Gallery)

Fiona hall :

Out of my tree, 2013 mixed media installation. I'd like to hire her to decorate for my next halloween party!

Del Kathryn Barton

the heart land  - a focus on the female form, representation of life cycle and influences in our environment. 
"The heart land centers on the inverted female figure who gives birth to, and at the same time springs forth"from, a tree" - SA Art Gallery write up

the exhibitions title the dark heart is represented through the exposed heart of the marsupial in her painting

A closer look at some of the intricacies of barton's work


  1. Hello again
    Ah yes the art of taxidermy - our local museum had a fantastic collection of Victorian stuffed curios (two headed cats etc) but was closed 'due to public revulsion'! I would take the children to see it regularly..............

    I have visions of you on a sandy beach today - I am with the stones again....

    Thank you for calling in
    Best wishes

  2. Oh my goodness what a smattering of Art!! Though amazing detail, I am not sure about the taxidermy.....especially the rodents!! I do love Barton's work though.


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