Thursday, 3 April 2014

Having pieced the major section of the center panel of Alena's quilt and laying it out all I see is a big white cross. The star effect has been lost with the placement of the smaller yellow stars in the corners - so do I replace it with a grey star or a block sandwich made of solid colour?
Any opinions?

Thought I'd show how much my feathering has improved with just a few blocks. I'm thinking about replacing this first block and repurposing it into one of the charity quilts
Can I be bothered making another?

Charity quilt well underway - 3 rows joined together, another waiting to be joined to the quilt and a few odd blocks

The back of the quilt looks like paddocks.. I bought a mystery bag of material from the quilt shop full of blues and greens..these are all being joined to form backing blocks.


  1. A solid in the middle is definitely going to give you more definition in the star. Maybe just put a piece of fabric in the middle and see if you like it? Youlr feathers look fabulous! Isn't it amazing how even within a project you can see the improvement in FMQ skills? Your charity quilt is so bright and happy! Love it!!

    1. When I find some time I think Ill audition a couple of options and then go from there. I've done as much as I can for the charity quilt..i've made 19 blocks but am waiting for others at my craft group to complete their blocks. I'm looking forward to finishing one. We are also starting a girls - softer toned quilt as a lot of the ladies had more subtle tones in their blocks. And then on the market table at craft a lot of craft items were donated as part of a deceased estate (the lady was well known in this group and a very talented crafter/needle woman) - anyway couldnt resist buying some items one of which is a lovely silk ribbon border which will be used for a baby quilt- so have plenty planned for the next couple of weeks holidays. Thanks for taking the time to respond and help along the way

  2. I see what you mean by seeing a white cross. Perhaps a solid colour would change the look...but then so might a grey star. Perhaps make a grey star and see how it looks. Sorry, I'm not much help am I.I must say that your feathering is looking great; it has taken next to no time for you to master this technique. The charity quilt is looking a treat. The mystery bag of fabrics was a great find

  3. Monique - Your quilts are unique and lovely. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment on my Rosette Lampshade. ~Kelly

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