Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Visual Play

Using the mosaic maker I made a mock up of the center panel of the quilt. The star points are way off size but it was fun to get a more pictorial idea of what the quilt will look like as a central feature.

My crocuses are currently in bloom and yesterday I went out and collected the stamens for saffron.. the amount I got was miniscule and I had to pick the stamen with teasers. Not sure whether to use them to dye colour into fabric (or if there is even enough of it) of to try to cook with it

The central panel

A visit to the Port of Adelaide yesterday near the old maritime museum led me to spy this old building...an eligible candidate for the next quilt photo shoot - but not sure how I would hang the quilt.
It is lovely any way.


  1. Nice building indeed for a foto session.

    And your tissues keep amazing me. I do not know HOW you do it, but the ALL are gorgeous. I am so in the wrong profession. Why am I not a tissue maker?

  2. Love your visual playing, Monique. How good does the central panel look quilted....it really is wonderful. That lovely old building would be the perfect photo shoot...I am sure you will come up with something inventive to enable you to hang your quilt.

  3. the quilt is perfection :) Love the central square and how your quilted the flowers. I am waiting for some flowers to bloom but not just yet...


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