Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tapestry Bird Pillow

Psst...It's just another pillow!

Actually it took me a long time to stitch those thousands of tiny stitches.
It makes me appreciate the work that some people put into their craft and then you see it being sold off at miniscule prices (hardly covering the cost of materials and "they" the buyer complain about the price. Or better yet I have lots of friends that think that I can just whip something up for them in my free time...not that I mind making things for's just the assumption that I will do it or have nothing better to do.
I sound like an old bag...miserable. But not really because what I say is true.

I think the true value of making is the pleasure that I get from making something and although the process may be tedious its the actual finishing a project that gives me satisfaction.I did that. I took the time to make decisions about what I wanted the finished product to look like and spent the time to make it.

It drives me crazy when I hear I could never do that! What they mean to say is I cant be bothered, I have no desire or inclination to pursue the process of making something myself. Just to darn lazy to learn. The only thing that is stopping a person from doing something is themselves..their drive..their desire to succeed. You can have the smallest amount of talent but those with the desire to succeed will find a way to make things with any athlete they may have some natural talent but they will never become the best without putting in repeated effort , that 110% will get you across the finish line.

Wow all that from finishing a pillow.

Wishing you all every success in your endeavours.. a can do attitude will get you there!

The negative side of things..actually I just set my camera to a negative setting. I was thinking this pillow would look good with an orange back ground and it does!


  1. It looks lovely and pairs perfectly with the crochet cushion. x

  2. Oh my........such deep and meaningful thoughts emanating from your gorgeous cushion. I must say you have done a wonderful marvellous stitching your op shop find!! Love, love, LOVE the photos, especially the first one. You are such a talent, Monique!!

  3. lovely pillow and I am really into birds and that makes it extra adored by me :)

  4. You are absolutely right. Anyone can do anything - as long as they try. The maxim: "You're never too old to learn" is absolutely true.
    I admire your tapestry and your stamina in making the cushion. You used the word tedious, which sums up my thoughts on tapestry, I'm afraid. But you stuck at it and the result is wonderful. Congratulations.

  5. Absolutely beautiful Monique... Love this! Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  6. This pillow is great.
    You hade me fooled with the yellow one.


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