Sunday, 6 April 2014


Some time ago I picked this little tapestry up at a op shop. The tapestry had the basic bones of the pattern already needled on the clothe. I originally thought the tapestry was in long stitch and proceeded to do the birds in this manner. Not long into the work the penny dropped and I realised that these were the base to give the stitches a full look and not part of a long stitch tapestry. Not one to like pulling things out I continued on my merry way and completed the birds and then place the tapestry at the back of my cupboard for another time.. far, far away.

You know the trouble with looking into other peoples lives and blogs is  that you see some wonderful things being made, and me being the type of person I am, want to do them all! A lady of many passions and little time.
Any way new friends are great for inspiration! I have recently been visiting Brigitte Peetermans at Home is where the dachshund is  and admiring her brightly coloured display of needled cushions on her couch. 
Just sumptuous and delicious colour, perfect to give anyone a lift in spirits as soon as they walk in the door. Have  a look at this post for cushion delight, one of the many colourful and visual posts..

Anyway Brigitte's needled cushions of many gay colours have impelled me to drag out this tapestry and inject some colour into the background. The tapestry kit only came with the threads for the picture and on finding this bright thread, also in an op shop, I proceeded to enliven my cushion. 

I LoOOVe this blue. 

Only problem is that it is acrylic - does that really matter? maybe my cushion wont last as long but I will enjoy its brilliance. So only another 100 hours or so until I finish it...Why is tapestry so slow! I know why I don't do it very often and I also have trouble seeing the variation in thread colour and where the stitch should this cushion will not be perfect but I will love that colour!

A little needlework done by one of the ladies at craft whom is recently deceased and her goods were gifted on to raise funds for The Cancer Research Foundation - I thought I might use this panel in a bag.

Also found thrifting is this delightful pattern. thought I would whip up a print of Kims Flower in pinks to make the dress the pattern of the sleeveless dress in the middle

And also found - a cute little burro/ donkey with a barrel cart to hold tooth picks


  1. Isn't thrifting the best!! Love your finds. Li'l by li'l you finish that tapestry of yours. I must say that it is looking good. I the blue. And that dress will look cute as, in 'my' fabric!!

  2. you find the neatest stuff! I keep going once in a while hoping for the "find" and well, nothing so far. Love that blue as well!!


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