Thursday, 23 January 2014

Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures

Brighton Jetty Classic Sculpture Competition 2014

Every year the Brighton Surf Lifesaving Club holds a major fund raiser called the Brighton Jetty Classic.
It is an open water swim in which over 1200 competitors take part.
Being such a large community event they also organise a sculpture competition as part of the entertainment.
The sculptural entries are both national and local entries and each year the bar is raised with the quality of entries.. the number of entries has also significantly increased

The whale is perhaps my favourite as it incorporates pattern and involves the surrounding to give visual impact.

I am also taken with this spherical form.. the bowl shape appears to be expelling smoke with the clouds in the background.

A trio of free flowing forms somewhat like seaweed

 Meet Gene of Gen Simons fame... named after its very large tongue....hence my tongue poking out in the photo below. The artist Chris is standing with us . He was installing his giraffe when we went for out morning walk and coffee.

 Something that looks like the Tardis??Complete with its own light show

 Nautilus.. this is my sisters favouriite

 Marfish..something from Monty Python?

 Floating on a breeze...its actually a weather vein

A social comment on our fishing practices... "Gambling with our fish stock"

The Junior winner of the competition... Catch of the day - complete with pet dog.

Angler fish

that's only half of them...but you can get too much of a good thing!
Thanks for taking a walk with me along Brighton Beach SA


  1. Oh...I don't know if one can get too much of a good thing!! How lucky are you for 1) taking a walk along Brighton Jetty, and 2) viewing such amazing works of art!! 'Tis hard to pick a fave, though as you say the whale sculputre is hard to beat!! This delightful post is akin to a mini art show!!

  2. I have to agree the whale is my favorite, however I'm partial to the fishermen as well. You live in such a fun area with lots to see and do. Once spring rolls around here I hope to share more of our local area :)

  3. Hi. I have just come across your blog as i was interested to see how the image of my whale has spread across the internet. So Thanks for the nice comments :) I am Anna Small and my husband Warren Pickering made the free flowing 3 seaweed forms.

    1. What a talented couple you are! You had a lot of admirers on the beach and many taking photographs. Some have also made their way on to facebook as my sister and other friends posted on facebook - the power of internet media..does all the advertising for you. Fantastic work once again! Hope you sold them.


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