Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Geranium leaf Stamp

I quite like the look of Geraniums and always think of those lovely sunny pots set out on the stairs - big red floral displays splashed against the white washed buildings in Greece with a brilliant blue ocean in the background. Sadly I can't stand the smell of the plant so refuse to keep them. They are a nice hardy plant in the blazing sun though and this would make them appealing to plant.

My neighbour has a pink geranium growing and it hangs over the fence. Sometimes when I walk out to hang the washing on the line I look up into the leaves with the sun shining through and am fascinated with the patterning of the veins in the leaves

This week I have tried some eco dying. I utilised old eucalyptus leaves and rosemary and only obtained a slight leaf imprinted ( I really should be more patient and leave my bundles much longer), So I decided to over print my naturally dyed material with my newly carved stamp


 I've mixed yellow red and a hint of blue to obtain a sour yellow colour - very subtle. I mixed only small amount as I am running out of yellow fabric ink and didn't quite make the full length of my material

Hence a bit of blue mixed into the left over colour on the stamping pad to make a bluey - green

And a little of the end of the day ( a stinking hot day)  spent on the balcony of the local looking over Seacliff beach (about 9pm)

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  1. The geranium leaf does lend itself to fabric printing, doesn't it. I must say that the repeat printing does look very effective. I love how you experimented with the different colours. Are you going to create something out of this wonderful piece of fabric??


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