Thursday, 30 January 2014

Today i....Op Shopped till I dropped

Schools back and that means some unrestricted me time...

Today was enrolment day for the craft group I attend. I will be joining my good friends in patchwork again and can't wait to get started next week.We start our day with coffee/ breakfast down the road at the EDGE Cafe...a funky 70's style coffee shop that has the most amazing salads on display and make a really good vego breakfast.

I knew I would be hanging around for a while at the sign up as my friend kirstie is one of the group leaders/ coordinators this year and we were going op shopping together afterwards. So I brought along some crochet to do and decided to  use the wool that has been naturally was actually the wool wrapped around my bundle that I showed you the other day. So my cream wool has become a lovely variegated pinky-brown

Op shopping was great fun as I haven't been able to do a lot of it when working full time.
I fell inlove with this print in one of the first shops we stopped at and only $6.50..bargain
I dont particularly like the mountboard surround its in , it is actually a pale green silk and is set awkwardly in a teak wooden frame. I think I can live with the frame and a plain mount board would be to my taste...but the print is divine.

 Another little treasure found is this cute egg cup. I have a few now and will happily dig them out for you in the near future.

For my sister I bought yet some more white/milk ware. I bought her a piece yesterday as well, so she is doing really well this week!

And for the sewer in me I couldn't resist this pattern

I also bought a bag of bright green crochet cottons, about five golden books and a few other older picture books
A total of 10 shops visited, not a bad effort. So happy to have done that mad dash of shops. Lucky a few of them are grouped together on the same roads.


  1. Oh ten op-shops in one go, this sounds like my kind of day.
    The milk glass is lovely. x

  2. What a fun way to spend one's day. Ten op shops in one outing....what a lucky gal you are. What a find that print's 'to die for'!!


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