Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sun and Surf Crochet bag

I have finished my sun and surf crochet bag. It has been a slow plod, mainly because I am really tired.
I have finally finished full time work and am back to my three days a week. Perhaps with the slightly slowed pace I might become a little more human again.
Its hard to find a rhythm that is comfortable when you work all week, come home and cook and occasionally clean to keep some semblance of normality in your life. Certainly the crafty me type things get put to the wayside. At least at the moment the daylight hours are long and there is opportunity to get out and walk after all the chores are done.

Although I dont like the colours I'm not to unhappy with the bag itself.. seeing as I made it up without a pattern.

I read The Book Thief over the last week, snatched a few moments on break at work and before going to sleep. Really enjoyed it and the perspective of  death looking at us in terms of colour.
I will be going to the movie in the coming weeks... I think it is released this week in Australia.

Any hoo... have a great and relaxing week.. dont work too hard.

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  1. I think the bag looks great.
    Not sure if Tamara has seen movie, otherwise I am sure she would love to join you.



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