Friday, 10 January 2014

Cross Quilt - finally working on it!

Remember my naturally dyed materials that I made months ago? Made from fennel, acorn, eucalyptus and berry dyes...No
Well I had almost forgotten about it too! I was reminded that it was hidden away when I received an invite to a baby shower for the intended recipient. OOps! At least the top is made. 

I've started quilting last Sunday  when invited to a girlfriends house for what she labelled a quilting bonanza. Her idea, and a lovely one was to get a group of friends together to sew and at the same time to motivate her to get started on a quilt she had been wanting to do for some time. It was a lovely afternoon mixing with some old and new friends  .. and I finally got started on the quilting of this little cot quilt.

Ive decided to quilt stars on alternate blocks - that will make it a little quicker to do and then it will be ready for when the baby is born (but not ready for the baby shower)

Not much will be done in the coming days as we are heading for a heat wave . I'm not looking forward to it five days of temperatures above 40 degrees. I cant wait to sit in my car and swelter on the way home from work or to swelter at work each time I have to wear a yellow plastic gown when attending patients that are being barrier nursed. Its like having an instant sauna and sweat fest in my clothes.

So much to look forward to!
Maybe I'll lose a couple of kilos in water.
Anyway I will be heading to the beach to cool down when the sun isn't too high in the sky - got to mind those UV rays and I personally don't enjoy frying to a crisp.

Stay cool or comfy! Cheers

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