Sunday, 19 January 2014

Marino Rocks & cross quilt

Finally a photograph that gives a little more realistic view of the lovely soft hues of the naturally dyed fabrics in the quilt.  I probably shouldn't have put up the photographs the other night when they were taken in such poor light.. I've just put up a few this time.
I liked this photograph below just because a dad and his child were in the background - kind of a reflection of use..
The photos were taken at Marino Rocks - an area of glacial rocks

And a few pics from the local community hall at Marino which has a very large mural painted across the expanse of the building


  1. Monique this quilt is amazing. You really did a great job from dying the fabric to the beautiful quilting.
    And what a backdrop to capture its beauty.
    Wishing you a lovely week.

  2. Wow!! I love the photo of your beautiful quilt resting on the rocks with the blue, blue sky and ocean in the background. serendipitous to capture a dad holding his child; it truly gives your quilt a personal touch!! Your quilt is a beauty; from the dyed fabric, to the design, to the quilting!! Thank you for visiting my li'l ole blog, because now I have discovered your lovely blog and can follow both your quilting and life exploits!!

  3. love the soft colors of the quilt and the photo shoot that went with it!

  4. The pictures are wonderful! The quilt is beautiful, the fabrics, the design and the quilting - I love all of it!

  5. Love the subtle colors. I like the contrast of the quilt on the rocks. Great Job.


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