Friday, 17 January 2014

Star Crossed Love Quilt

5 boiling hot days
3 days off from work and all spent under the air conditioner
Pardon the language - but it was Bloody hot!

Adelaide / South Australia is now officially one of the hottest places on earth

But the up side is I have spent most of my time quilting the baby quilt which had to be finished Sunday for the baby shower... tick 
I have only just this instance finished the binding and as I did so the cool change has blown in.
What a blessing. hallelujah! 

As you see I have snapped photos at the light is dimming but even if I had finished earlier I would have avoided going out in the 40 degree plus heat
So tomorrow I might attempt some decent shots, but this will do for now.

 For the binding I used the reversed side of the material to get more muted tones to match the natural soft tones of the hand dyed materials.
My quilting is a bit neh! But it was speed quilted... overall I'm pretty happy with it.

 What a relief  - cool weather and a finished quilt!


  1. lovely quilt! Did you change your blog? I love it!

    1. thanks karen. yes I had a play with templates on blogger and wanted to be able to enable larger photos without them crossing over into the side bar.Then I just decided it was time to have a header that reflects my area of play.


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