Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Old Year , New Year

Year ending and the weather has gone crazy. One day a blustery and windy day but still warm enough to swim in white capped seas Well at least we did!
Then hot sweltering conditions to see out the year and for once a calm in the skies so that the New years Eve fireworks sparkled to their full glorious potential

And the first day of 2014 warm and sultry with rain and 84% humidity - absolutely crazy weather but still a beautiful day to see in the new year with two gorgeous girls , my sister and her daughter down at Brighton beach. The same jetty that the fireworks were held last night.


  1. The weather here is crazy too. One day its in the high 30s the next its windy and in the low 20s.
    Wishing you a happiness-filled 2014 Monique.

  2. Happy new year! It's cold here and we are waiting for a predicted snow storm tomorrow!!


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