Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hand printed fabric swap - part 100 -the never ending story

I started off with base colours of yellow , bright pink, white and black.
A request for magenta and oranges lead me to start mixing colours. the centre of the lotus flower  is yellow and bright pink to yield a rather burnt orange. And then I dabbed the hot pink on the outer edges of the lotus flower. Working in the pattern that I stamped yesterday (but more evenly spaced) has given this rather hot run of material. One of my friends last night suggested that the flower reminded her of Florence Broadhurst prints...I do love her work, high praise indeed

 Random stamping for the next request for muted tones, earthy favouring green, grey, brown or white.
I struggled with this print as my grey leaves would just not stamp evenly and give me a nice impression - always half hearted and missing the middle of the leaves. It was most frustrating. I do like the mix of colours though. The burnt orange above had a little grey added to it to yield a olive/yellow green found on the outside of the flowers. The center of the lotus flower is straight yellow. When I finished stamping the lotus flowers I then added some more pink to give the golden brown.

I've got to say it though that grey was a real 'bitch' to print with and caused me much frustration.
Parts of the print is okay but I might have to try this one again.

And to finish off some of the inks and just play a quick medallion.

Are you sick of the prints yet????


  1. I'm loving what you're doing! I just started to play today - was away at mum's last week so she could go into hospital.
    I think all I've been making so far is a mess! :D

  2. Beautiful, beautiful stamped fabric. What will you make with it? Something stunning, I'm sure. The possibilities are endless . . . Don't stop keeping us in the loop about the prints! I know I'm not sick of them yet :)


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