Saturday, 16 March 2013

Lampshade and Natural Dyeing Pieces

My thrifted lampshade, that I bought a couple of weeks ago, almost completed with new shade of hand printed fabric. I just need to find some tape to tidy up the inside edges. 

I haven't got a light fitting that I can actually hang it from so the next best thing - hang it in the bush - what any sane person would do!

Once again I had problems getting the leaves to print evenly, but at least you know its hand printed

Some solar dyeing with eucalyptus leaves giving off a nice orangy brown.
This piece of materrial has been an on going experiment and has been roasting on and off in the sun for a month. I was hoping for a leaf imprint but I think that to obtain that you actually have to leave the rolled up material alone and not investigate the material weekly  to see what  is happening.

Some of the naturally dyed pieces waiting for my next project - thought I would utilize them with the monkey prints. That little exercise will have to wait until my next days off.

 And some doilies that have been given a colour treatment in berries. They actually look pinker when seen by the naked eye

Oh and my daughter loved her new monkey t-shirt


  1. Your lampshade is beautiful. Love it.

  2. You've done a beautiful job with your printing Monique, it's going to look great hanging up. That monkey shirt is very impressive, I admire your lino work, it's not easy at all. Have a great day.:)


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