Friday, 8 March 2013

Hand Printed Fabric Swap

My son gets up really early for swimming training , usually between 0430 and 0445 am, and it is a rare day that I will sleep through his preparations to leave the house. I do admire his stamina at getting up so consistently and the effort then he ensures he puts into his studies, no matter how tired he is.
Any how this morning nothing was going to get me back to sleep. Rather than wake the rest of the household, I holed up in my bed and started to play with the stamps and ink on paper
Looks a little familiar but a twist on placement utilising the original centre of the lotus flower to pattern.

Still bored and wide awake I decided to carve another stamp. Something simple because I was lounging in bed! So I carved a circle with lines circling around., then I went crazy stamping.

This afternoon I tried to be a little more organized  in my placement. It took quite a few goes to get the right amount of ink on the stamp and to figure out the placement of the grey centres so that they would all fit without overlapping or looking to haphazard.

I've really got to work on my spacing
By the time I finished this lot my back was killing me! I have new found admiration for the girls who do this type of work all the time. Just reminds me I am not as young as I used to be.

 By the time I finished this material I thought it looked a bit bare - too may wide open spaces.

So I plopped another  pink circle middle of the paddock and filled the gap a little

So many ideas, so little time and such a sore back! I'm going to my sisters shortly and will anaesthetise it with a white wine or two. Have a great weekend!

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  1. These look amazing! I guess you carve your own stamps? They're beauties.


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