Saturday, 23 March 2013

Monkey Quilt Cover (Duvet) and Natural Dyed Materials

I've utilized the monkey (chimpanzee) print to make a quilt/duvet cover for a single bed.
I utilized the naturally dyed pieces of cotton that I have been making over the last months. The dyed pieces  include eucalyptus with iron (grey material) , eucalyptus (deep brown),  fennel heads  (light brown/green), young fennel leaves (yellow)

The backing is a patchwork of strips of material. I had just enough to complete it

The only thing to add is some buttons and straps to hold the quilt together at the bottom. I've included a pocket to slip the quilt underneath to help stop it from falling out of the cover when in use. I threw it on my daughters bed just so you could see it on a bed.
I'll be selling this one when finished as my boys are too old for this and my daughter wants to stick with her Paris theme. It was a great exercise in utilising my printed material. I'm actually pretty happy with it and really like the effect and colouring of the naturally dyed pieces with the print.

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